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Alzheimer’s Prevention – The benefits of Coconut Oil

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am a prime candidate for developing Alzheimer Dementia and therefore I am keen to learn if it is possible to prevent it altogether.  I am now quite confident that there are real possibilities with a natural product: Coconut Oil.  I appreciate this may be a little controversial – so I have searched for at least 4 sources before I published this post – so here goes:

This article is probably controversial because many medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies continue to suggest that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s – or at least that they have not found one yet.  Logically they are not interested in researching natural products – as they cannot place a patent on them – thus they cannot make any money from this research.  So they will not endorse a natural remedy.Coconut

As explained earlier – dementia is a disease where brain cells (neurons) die.   Neurons need oxygen and energy supplied by the blood flowing through your brain.  The primary source of energy is glucose, which comes from simple sugars such as from carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta etc.).  In simple terms – neurons have insulin receptors that absorb the glucose and hey presto – the neuron gets its’ energy.  However, when dementia has started, the insulin receptors no longer accept glucose – thus no energy gets into the neuron causing the neuron to die.  So this is in fact a type of diabetes – in fact in the USA they call this Diabetes Type 3.

The good news is that there is an alternative source of energy – called Ketones.  Ketones are produced by the liver from Medium Chain Triglycerides.  Yes – these are a fatty acid found in Coconut Oil.  So when you consume Coconut Oil your liver will produce Ketones and while glucose is no longer accepted as energy in your neurons – Ketones are!

This alternative energy source has been successfully trialed by Dr. Mary Newport on her husband who has early onset Alzheimer’s.  She has featured on many TV shows in the USA explaining how Coconut Oil has in fact reversed the symptoms in her husband Steve.  The disease had progressed to the point where it not only affected his memory, but also his speech and his motor skills where he had difficulty walking.  He failed the clock test – yet after just days – the symptoms started to reverse to the point where he can now walk, run, talk and has significant improvement in drawing the clock.  Here is a link to an interview on CBN News:  CBN article

There is an extensive (55 minutes interview) available with Dr. Newport and her husband: click here

The team at GreenMedInfo published an article confirming the benefits of Coconut Oil: Article

Dr. Mercola has a very comprehensive article about various options to treat Alzheimer’s (including coconut oil): Article  Dr. Mercola has another article specifically addressing coconut oil relating to Alzheimer’s which also refers to Dr. Mary Newport’s research: Article

CoconutSadly, some of the Alzheimer Associations are skeptical as well – I guess they are relying on pharmaceutical funding as well – so they discourage people using these alternatives – even though there are so many positive stories – here is an example: Article

And here is another video where someone has seen significant improvements in his 85 year old father:  Steve’s video

In the CBN article, Dr. Mary Newport refers to Dr. Veech who has developed Ketone Esters as an even more powerful form of Ketones.  Here is a very scientific article explaining this: Article

Dr. Bruce Fife has published an article about the general benefits of coconut oil: Article

I realize this article contains a lot of links to secondary sources and the information can be overwhelming to sort through.  But once you learn what I have learned these last few months, you’ll see why I am so excited about this method of dementia prevention.  The potential benefits – for diseases such as Parkinson’s – are promising.   Please leave comments and share results if you decide to try these suggestions for yourself.  I look forward to the discussion. 

How much do you need to take?  Dr. Mary Newport feeds her husband 4 teaspoons of coconut oil per day – you should not need more than 3 tablespoons per day.

How do you take it?  Well you can add it into any food – like breakfast cereal.  I have personally started to use it – adding it into my tea and coffee.  When you use it in your tea or coffee – you only need a level teaspoon – any more and it will be rather oily – a small amount does not effect the taste.  Please note that Coconut oil solidifies below about 24 degrees Celsius.  So in warmer climates it is used in liquid form while in cooler climates you can use a spoon to get it from the container.  When you use it in a warm/hot food or drink, it dissolves and mixes in very easily.

Where do you buy it?  Most supermarkets sell coconut oil.  Or you can find it in health food stores or ethnic food stores.  I even bought a container in a fruit and vegetable market.  Make sure it is pure – virgin coconut oil – cold press is best.  Make sure it is not hydrogenated.

Will it increase my cholesterol?  Yes – it probably will – but it is the GOOD cholesterol – so it is actually good for you.  If you are not sure – you can always ask your doctor.

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  1. Carla says:
    Coconut Oil does a lot of interesting and seemingly miraculous things. It’s not surprise to me that this wonderful substance may hold the key to preventing Alzheimer’s.

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