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How do you think you would cope with memory loss?  How do you manage the simplest things – like going out when you cannot remember where you left your keys?


Hello everyone,

I am John and come from a family where Alzheimer dementia is very common.  Growing up we chuckled when one of our aunts served us cordial in port glasses.  Sadly, a number of half brothers and sisters have died due to complications brought about by Alzheimer’s.  And there is still plenty of additional evidence of this condition in my family. So you can imagine that my interest in preventing and reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s is very high indeed.


Now we have realized that there is quite a lot of great information on the Internet and some of it quite confusing – so we have designed this website to bring some of this information into a single place – making it a lot easier for others to learn about Alzheimer’s. We mostly focus on what we can do to prevent it or at least to slow down the onset of the symptoms and according to latest research, even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


We trust you will find this website useful and exciting. Feel free to share your experiences on the comments pages, or send me an email to: john@alzheimerscheck.com.

Founder of this website

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