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A brief introduction of Alzheimer Dementia

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Alzheimer’s Prevention – The benefits of Coconut Oil

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am a prime candidate for developing Alzheimer Dementia and therefore I am keen to learn if it is possible to prevent it altogether.  I am now quite confident that there are real possibilities with a natural product: Coconut Oil.  I appreciate this may be a little controversial […]

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Alzheimer’s Prevention – Food

I have mentioned earlier that I am a prime candidate to develop the Alzheimer Dementia disease based on genetics and family history.  So I am extremely motivated to make sure that I do everything I can to delay the onset of dementia.  A couple of weeks ago I shared that Exercise is one of the […]

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Alzheimer’s Prevention – Exercise

During the next few weeks we will introduce the various methods that can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s Dementia being a destructive disease or at least how we can slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s. From all the research that I have completed, I concluded that Exercise has to be the number 1 strategy to […]

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What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s ? (2)

Last week we looked at the early symptoms of Alzheimer Dementia – this week we look at the more serious symptoms showing signs that the disease is advancing. TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING VISUAL IMAGES When people start having difficulty identifying images or even start having difficulty reading, then this could be another indicator that dementia is advancing. […]

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What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s? (1)

This is a really great question.  Alzheimer Dementia usually does not show any symptoms until a person is well in her/his 70′s or 80′s.  Sure – there are cases of early onset dementia – but they are less common. FORGETFULNESS So when an elderly person does become a little forgetful – it is easy to […]

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Alzheimer Prevention

Alzheimer’s Disease is a terrible disease affecting more people every year.  It is a debilitating disease which usually starts with mild symptoms, such as forgetfulness, then memory loss, and progressively starts to affect your your daily activities.  Some people lose their ability do complete even the most basic functions. It is a disease of the […]

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