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Alzheimer Prevention

Alzheimer’s Disease is a terrible disease affecting more people every year.  It is a debilitating disease which usually starts with mild symptoms, such as forgetfulness, then memory loss, and progressively starts to affect your your daily activities.  Some people lose their ability do complete even the most basic functions.

It is a disease of the brain, where brain cells die off due to lack of oxygen and nutrition getting to these cells.  As more brain cells die off – more functionality is lost.  There are no known cures.Alzheimer Puzzle

Fortunately there is a lot of research being carried out around the world.  Some medication is now available that will delay the onset of symptoms. Many universities around the world are involved in this research.

Because there is a lot of Alzheimer’s in my family, I did participate in a study at the Free University of Amsterdam.  They are studying the genetic structure in the DNA and have identified a mutation in some of the genes that will almost certainly lead to Alzheimer’s later in life.

There are so many pieces in this complex puzzle – with so many different sources – that I have started the development of this website – that will bring together all relevant information in one place- saving people interested in this topic hours of research.  The primary focus will be on prevention – so that you can delay or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

We will continue to update the site on a regular basis and add preventative measures as well as recommendations.  This blog is a major part of the regular updates.  Please make a short cut to our site and visit us regularly.

12 Responses so far.

  1. Craig says:
    I really didn’t know that Alzheimer disease was linked to nutrients, you learn something new every day. I guess we if we don’t look after ourselves these days we can’t expect everything to be rosy when we get older. Nice Post.
    • admin says:
      Thanks Craig. I firmly believe we have not even scratched the surface when it comes to understanding how we can improve our lives with natural products.
  2. Summer says:
    I am so excited to have found your site. My grandma is in end stages of this horrible disease and anything that will help me help her. I’m putting your site in my favorites! Thank you!
    • admin says:
      Thanks Summer. I will continue to study this disease and in particular update anything that will help slow down or prevent the disease.
  3. Dana says:
    This is such a sad disease. I have experienced this first hand, as I had a family member that had it.
    • admin says:
      Thanks for the comment Dana. I know – 4 half brothers & sisters – 2 aunts and my own mother died from this (or at least complications). But what they go through in the process is what I want to prevent.
  4. Lawrence says:
    Any form of dementia must be awful.
    I was reading an article on FaceBook just yesterday (and You Tube video) about Hemp oil being a cure for most ailments.
    Just a thought
    • admin says:
      Thanks Lawrence. I have been studying this now for about 5 years – I am still learning. I will look into Hemp Oil – thanks for the hint.
  5. Dawn says:
    My dad has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer and we are looking for all the support we can for my mom who is going to have to take care of him when it gets worse. Your website is great and I’m forwarding it on to her. I think sometimes she is embarrassed to go to meetings for caregivers so it might be nice to vent in this kind of forum. Thanks for your insight.
    • John V says:
      Great to hear Dawn. Over the coming months I will keep adding more suggestions and explain people how to cope with the disease.
  6. Loes says:
    Hi John, keep fighting this terrible disease, and searching for a medicine or an other way to prevent any more victims, wish you all sources and wisdom you need, God bless you, Loes

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